is a Musical Theatre collective created by Singapore practitioners,

    Kimberly Chan, Natalie Yeap and Vanessa Kee at the start of 2020.


    As a collective, we believe in the dramatic power that lies within text and music

    with an aim to tell sincere & meaningful stories through the exploration of the Musical Theatre.


    Since the inception of FTV in Covid-ridden 2020, the team has embraced all things digital, jumping head first into producing and creating musical theatre content for their IGTV (which you can preview in the gallery below!) The collective has also been featured on Esplanade Theatre’s Concourse Stage for their Voices Festival 2020.


    Fill The Vamp hopes to continue pushing our creative boundaries of storytelling through our exploration of the genre in Singapore.









    Kimberly is an accomplished triple threat whose love for dance has led her to the wonderful world of Musical Theatre. She has appeared in over 25 professional productions since 2014 and currently holds the position of Musical Theatre Teacher at Sing'Theatre in Singapore.



    Natalie first fell in love with Musical Theatre when her dad brought her to watch Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat when she was 6! She is fortunate to still display that love as an actress and a singer, as well as a teacher of singing and voice since 2016.



    Vanessa is a rising star in the Singapore Theatre scene. Inspired by the intimate, touching stories of everyday life combined with the magic that lies within musicals, she consistently strives to approach her art with empathy and passion at the forefront.


    Media & Tech Consultant

    Caspar Francis, also known as shifu to the FTV girls, has been a guiding torchlight to the team since its formation. This rawkstar, rule breaking man is also the CEO of independent creative agency RAWSPARK, generously lending his expertise in all manners of advertising, media and technology for FTV.


    Music Consultant

    Jane uses piano playing to live vicariously through singers. With them, she loves co-creating moments that really, are portals through linear time and space. She has years of experience as a Gen Z music educator, and enjoys the privilege of taste testing FTV’s music before they hit your ears.